Drugged up, drugged down

Drug use, addiction and distribution is a huge problem in many areas in the world, and main solution of which has been to criminalise drugs and put fines and jail times in place for those caught or found involved with them. Portugal, however, has taken a different approach to dealing with this issue, which has […]

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A Trigger warning

A popular topic of political conversation in recent months has been America’s issue with gun violence. I, for one, am very passionate about this and would like to discuss this. Guns have become, particularly in recent years, an aspect of America’s culture. No country in the rest of the world has such a vast, readily […]

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Can you Adam and Eve it?!

(That’s Cockney rhyming slang for believe it.) There’s quite a well-known book known as the Holy Bible, the introduction of which I’d like to discuss. I’d like to point out before I begin that no, I am not Christian, but I do study the religion for my GCSE course, and make an effort to treat […]

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Great minds think.

“Great minds think alike.” is, frankly, a terrible phrase. I understand that it is often used to compliment someone and yourself as you had a similar thought, but i’d like to make a point; great minds do not think alike, great minds think. The whole concept of a ‘great mind’ is one that has thoughts […]

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Class starts at 8:50 am

they order us like cheap coloured pencils and tell us not to draw / and now we’re all lying with the nibs unsharpened on the classroom floor / i’ve dusted glitter on the bags under my eyes, we’re a tired but inspired nation / hide my face in the corridors because self-expression is non-regulation // […]

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Underachievers award

In many situations I have been in recently, it has come to my attention that standards have been lowered in regards to the way we expect people to act. A group of teenage girls (my year group) were given a series of scenarios dealing with the use of sexual consent in a PSHEE lesson. Obviously […]

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*There has been interference and recent events that have slowed the system down: do not expect any posts for the following week until the system is back online and can continue spreading it’s intended messages* (I’m the system) *That’s all*

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Looks (don’t) matter

It’s become a common habit in modern times, particularly as we are in an age of body acceptance, to say that your outward appearance does not matter and that it’s the “inside that counts”. As much as I am all for body confidence and an end to shaming people, I despise that phrase. It may […]

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My clothes, my hair, my face

I can think of countless songs that use the above three aspects of a person to signify how much they’ve changed themselves (see, for instance, Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen: wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face). Often the idea is about changing for somebody, looking at If You Can’t Hang by […]

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